The fall and especially holiday season is typically the slowest time of year, and the slower pace of closings in recent weeks confirm that. However, it doesn't mean selling your home is impossible.
This week, one of my listings in Paradise Valley received an all cash offer closing in 3 weeks, at 94% of the asking price.
As I've written in previous issues of this newsletter, the activity is down, but those buyers that are out looking are serious.
To catch these serious buyers, you must be actively marketing your property. Going on the MLS is not enough, and sadly that's what most agents rely upon.
I use an orchestrated marketing campaign with ads going out literally every day. The longer a home takes to sell, the more it costs me - so my interests are completely aligned with the seller. You should accept nothing less when you sell your home.
If you'd like a valuation of your home, or to discuss the type of marketing that gets results even in the slow season, please call my direct line at (480) 442-7325.
U.S. home sales reached their strongest pace in a decade.
With the specter of rising interest rates on the horizon, expect to see a "buying frenzy" in coming months.
If you've been sitting on the fence, and will be buying with a home loan, NOW is the time to get off the fence.
You are virtually certain to pay more for a home next year due to rising rates and pent-up demand.
Not only will you secure a rate before they spike higher, you'll also beat the January rush. That rush always comes, but this year is likely to be bigger than ever. We have pent-up demand from people who postponed decisions due to the election, and now the added incentive of interest rates that will likely go up will add to that demand.
I don't want to beat a dead horse, as I've written about this numerous times. But you'd really be missing out by not prioritizing this matter now.