Paradise Valley real estate owners visit ArconsantiArcosanti offers Paradise Valley real estate owners the chance to visit a very unique site. A prototype for architect Paolo Soleri, this place encompasses his vision of arcology, the combination of architecture and ecology. Soleri began his vision in the 1950s in his urban laboratory with students of all ages and backgrounds. People have come from all over the world to participate in workshops to learn about Soleri’s theories. The students can gain hands on experience in fields such as agriculture, construction, architecture, planning, archives, facilities maintenance, and landscaping. At the moment, there are about 80 residents who live permanently at Arcosanti.

Those who own Paradise Valley real estate have the unique opportunity to visit Arcosanti whenever they choose. It is a wonderful asset to this area and a great place to bring visitors from out of town. About 50,000 visitors pass through this site every year and guided tours are available every day except for major holidays. People who visit can learn about this history of the structures, the progress of Arcosanti, and what the future holds for this very unique place. Stop by to grab a few pieces to jazz up your Paradise Valley real estate. Soleri’s wind bells, tiles, and many books are available in the Gallery Gift Shop. Click here for the website and plan your visit.