Without question, the most consistently difficult deals are homes that are either half remodeled or partially remodeled. The seller is focused on the money they've spent on the home, but the buyer is focused on the money they will have to spend after closing.

For this reason, it's important for homeowners to keep up with design trends. You might take a loss on the the money you put into a remodel if it doesn't meet with buyer's expectations. The buyers will be looking through the lens of "gotta change this, gotta change that" while you're counting the dollars paid to contractors. It's a bad situation for all parties involved.

If there's one trend that we've seen take root in Arizona, it's been the shift from dark to light color palettes. Dark cherry cabinets and dark green countertops of years past have given way to white cabinets, contrasting black countertops, and butcher block islands. Heavy tile and dark woods have given way for lighter shades of oak, and narrow planks have made way for wide planks.
Of course these trends don't work in every style of home, and we'll continue to see, for example, Spanish and Territorial homes using a more traditional palette. However, for Ranch homes, a dark palette is going to depress the price and increase the amount of time it takes to sell.
So what's next in home design? This week brings two helpful articles on major trends happening around the country.
The Wall Street Journal's Mansion Global cites more natural materials and minimalism, with judicious use of metals and dimensional textures.
This article from Yahoo confirms that white cabinets will continue to reign supreme in 2017, but granite countertops are gradually losing ground to quartz and butcher block.
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