Everyone wants their home to be a reflection of their family's interests and taste. Some people take this to an extreme, using styles or amenities that are so far outside the norm that otherwise desirable homes become "problem properties." One of the most famous examples in our area is the castle themed home on Camelback Mountain, which languished in disrepair for years as numerous people tried and failed to make a go of it.

Another issue seen lately with "custom" features relates to appliances. The bar for high end appliances keeps getting raised, and now it's gone to an almost unfathomable extreme: $20,000 espresso makers in private residences. This is bound to be part of the next wave of "must have" gadgets in multi-million dollar homes. For details on these machines and who is purchasing them, please click here.

When you contemplate your next custom home or remodel, it may be worth reading this article in the Wall Street Journal. There are millions of dollars at stake in a luxury home, so best to protect that investment while still honoring the spirit of your ideal lifestyle.